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Aging is characterized with skin thickness and decreasing elasticity.  Loosening of the changed skin is increasing with the dissolution of the fat, muscle and bone structure laying beneath.  Normally elastic fibers constitute 2-4% of the inner layer of the skin a.k.a “dermis”. This rate is gradually decreased in time and causes loss in the skin elasticity.  Under normal circumstances ageing is developed by the combination of loosening which depends on the genetic factors and environmental factors. As the skin and subdermal tissue get dissolved gravity pull the skin down.   Nowadays procedures to correct the body contours are very popular. The most important reason of this is the successful results. With the correction of the contour the body must be evaluated as a whole and proportions between the regions must be considered. Otherwise the result would be a disappointment.

Depending on the age, intermittent weight loss and gravity the skin on the back and inner parts of the arm is get loosed. The quantity of the accumulated fat tissue and the level of loosening vary according to individual. Therefore every patient should be evaluated separately. Brachioplasty can be performed alone or together with the contour correction surgeries.

Before the surgery
Quantity of the fat tissue and level of the loosening on the back and inner parts of the arm are the two factors that must be evaluated.  In addition, patient will be informed about the surgical scars.  Surgical scar, as happen in all surgeries, varies among the patients by width and swelling.  Usually, a scar that starts from the arm pit and extends to the elbow is formed.
If you’re smoking, you will need to quit or take break about 6 weeks, 4 weeks before the surgery and 2 weeks after the surgery.  You shouldn’t stay under the sun. If you use, take a break from Vitamin E and aspirin and avoid heavy diet before the surgery. Flue or other infections may cause the surgery to be postponed.

The surgery is performed under clinic conditions and general anesthesia or seduction + local anesthesia, and takes averagely 1 to 2 hours. You can be discharged on the same day. By an incision performed in elliptic shape on the back and inner parts of the arm excess skin and sudermal fat tissue are extracted. Scar will be sewed and dressed.

After the surgery?
Early period of post surgical term is usually comfortable. Antibiotic and pain killer are standard drugs. Dressing is changed 2- 3 times a day in the following days. Sutures will be removed within 12 ? 14 days. Proper patient selection will satisfy the surgeon as well as the patient with this surgery. But it must be remembered that the patient will have fairly visible and gradually expanding scars.


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