Breast Reduction

Breast reduction may be performed due to back and neck pains, headache, shoulder pain, positional changes, chest pain, personal hygienic issues caused by big breasts.  .

Since big breasts could be a result of overweight, losing weight can be effective in some people. Although this weight loss doesn’t affect the size of the breast much still it helps to facilitate the surgery and reduce the problems that may arise during the surgery.  As a result of the surgery the breast are get smaller and straightened.

Attended surgeon decides on the procedure, taking the breast tissue to be removed, ptosis of the breasts and other factors into account. Breast tissue and excess skin are removed from the proper areas.

The breasts are straightened and nipples are lifted to where they should be. Depending on the height of the patient, the surgeon lifts the nipples to some point around 19-21 cm away from the collar bone.
Subject to the used technique, there would be some post-surgical scars in shape of T, L, or I under the breasts. Although all required attentions are taken to eliminate such traces, existence of these traces depend on the color and texture of the skin. Necessary precautions .

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