M.D. Muhittin KULLU

  • Contact:

    Phone: 0090 507 564 45 30 -
    E-mail: international@cevrehastanesi.com.tr

  • Address:

    Cemal Sahir Sok. No:4 Mecidiyeköy-ŞİŞLİ / İstanbul

M.D. Muhittin KULLU


Dr. Mühittin Küllü

Chief Surgeon

Birthday: 1955.

Foreign Language: English.


Undergraduate: Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine

Expertise: Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine.

Instutitions That Doctor Trained and Worked:

Private Çevre Hospital.

Professional Interests:

Anestesia and Reanimation.


Turkish Doctors Association. Intensive Care Association.

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