Nasal Polyps

Polyp is a chronic inflammation of the lateral nasal wall and edomoid mucosa that occurs in the form of an edema-like sac. The incidence of polyps after 20 years of age is increasing. The appearance is pale, the fluid is a mass filled with liquid. Mucosal contact between the bodies; i.e. the swelling of a mucous membrane with infection. Intestinal strictures increase this swelling. Infection, allergy, and aspirin sensitivity contribute to polyps by narrowing these regions more and more. The incidence of unda allergy in polyps is only 30%. Acute upper respiratory infections cause polyps to grow. Polyps are also seen in fungal sinusitis. Medical or surgical treatment of nasal polyps absolutely reduces asthma symptoms. Polies are usually multiple and bilaterals. Polly patients have complaints of nasal obstruction, clear and yellow green nasal discharge, impaired smell, hoarseness, facial pain. While trying to breathe out, polyps feel that they move in the nose. There are even polyps that come out of the nose. The diagnosis is made with endoscopic nasal mucus and paranasal sinus Bt. Nasal polyp therapy is medical and surgical. The success rate is high with endoscopic sinus surgery. However, in some cases, recurrences are encountered. Recurrence after a well-made surgery does not mean failure; is a feature of the disease.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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