Cataract and Current Treatment

Cataract; the loss of the transparency of the intraocular lens and consequently the blocking and blurring of vision. It can be seen rarely in young people (traumatic / impacted and injured cataract) and in infants and children (congenital / congenital cataract), mostly with aging (senile / senile cataract). Cataract's only treatment is the surgeon. This is the removal of small parts and dissolved in the lens by the phacoemulsification method which prevents the vision, and the transparent intraocular lens is placed.

Modern cataract surgery; The eye is anesthetized with anesthetic drops, the eye is anesthetized and applied in a small seamless way, and the transparent, folding intraocular lens is inserted into the cleaned cataract capsule.

Intraocular lenses; universal quality rules and eye measurements. Common practice is to choose a lens that will improve the far vision and then use close eyeglasses. In addition, multifocal intraocular lenses do not require glasses.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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