Laser Corneal Refraction Surgery

Refraction defects; myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism (the complete absence of image axes). In vision defects, a clear vision can be reached with glasses or contact lenses.
Laser refraction surgery; glasses or contact lenses to remove the dependence from the middle. The problem with focus is corrected by laser cutting the cornea.
Excimer Laser is one of several types of laser used in the treatment of eye diseases. Without any warming effect or neighboring tissue damage, the target texture is shaped very precisely as planned. It is an extremely safe technology that works with micron precision. One of the indispensable features of modern excimer laser devices is the tracking / tracking system, which always locks into the eye movements during laser application and directs the right axis treatment.
The LASIK method is the most common and popular form of excimer laser applications. In this application, a flap 120 microns thick on the anterior surface of the cornea is prepared by means of a device developed from a microkeratome. Femtosaniye Laser technology can also be used in flap preparation. The main layer of the cornea called stroma behind this valve is laser-corrected. The eye relieves after a discomfort period of about 5-6 hours after spreading instead of spreading the flap. Complaints such as stinging, watering, light sensitivity at this time start a new life with an eye that can gaze comfortably and see without glasses.
In surface laser methods called LASEK and PRK; the same laser shaving is performed behind the pre-renewable cell layer, called the epithelium, on the corneal surface, without preparing the valve. In this method, the healing process is 2-4 days and the complaints are better. However, it is a very safe application, especially preferred for thin corneas, because it has less effect on the tissue integrity of the cornea.
Wavefront review is a detailed evaluation of the eye focus system. According to this measure, a personalized treatment plan is planned and corrected with excimer laser by LASIK or surface laser applications. The most obvious advantage of this method is the more qualified vision and in particular the absence of night vision and light scattering complaints in some eyes treated with laser.
All of these applications, however; it should be kept in mind that the corneal structure can be made in healthy eyes that have no problem other than the need for glasses and that the corneal structure can be made according to the topographic measurements made. It is also the most basic rules that the progress of the eye number is stopped. Laser treatment is a safe, effective and successful method if it is applied to appropriate people. This decision can be made by a detailed examination and evaluation.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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