Strabismus; the eyes are not parallel to the same axis. It hinders the development of vision and leads to loss of libidity and sense of depth. It is also aesthetic and psychological problem in terms of appearance.
The appearance of the false strabismus, which can be seen in most of the babies, must be clearly distinguished in the eye examination. Because your nose root is flat and wide, it is a misleading image as if it were slipping inside your eyes. No treatment is required. As the baby grows and the face improves, it grows.
True strabismus should be treated absolutely. The use of glasses, eye closure and surgical procedures are applied when necessary.
Excessive number difference between eyes and high numbered eye disorders are conditions that require the use of early goggles. The use of glasses to prevent visual acuity, as well as the closure of the intact eye and the lazy eye operation, are the methods that result when applied during preschool period.
Early diagnosis is important for all infantile eye problems. The first eye examination of 6-month-old babies is recommended. Even for children without any problems, nursing period, pre-school examinations should be performed between 3 and 4 years old.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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