Bile Catheter Surgery

Biliary sac A bag-shaped organ located in the lower part of the liver where bile is secreted from the liver.
The task of the cut is to store the bile, intensify it, and secrete bile into the twelve fingers (duodenuma) at the required intervals. gallstone infection is a type of inflammation caused by gallstone stones. The medical term is called cholecystitis.
There are two types.
- Biliary gall bladder inflammation, gall bladder shrinks, can not work as it should. There is gas and tension in the stomach of the patient, especially after meals.
Also; there are also temporary pain and jaundice episodes starting from the right side and spreading to the bottom of the ribs. The medical language is called chronic cholesty. This disease is usually seen in fat women over 40 years old.
- Acute bile duct inflammation is a disease caused mainly by stone located in the bile ducts. In the medical language it is called acute cholesty. There is sudden, severe, and rapidly developing pain in the upper right part of the abdomen that spreads to the back, even to the right shoulder. Fever increases, vomiting and nausea occur.
Both types of bile duct inflammation; you should consult your doctor immediately. It may require surgery.
gallstones, gallstones, gallstones, gallstones, colelitiasis in the medical language. There are cholesterin in the constructions. Some gallstones do not cause discomfort. Some of them block the bile duct.
It causes a very severe, constipating pain, nausea and vomiting. The patient will not be able to stand. All of these events are called sudden biliary incontinence. Gallstones that do not fall or are not taken also cause inflammation of the bile duct. doctor intervention is necessary to relieve the discomfort caused by gallstones.
Treatment of bile stone stones: There is no drug treatment of gallstone stones. Treatment is performed with surgery.
It is taken with all the stones in the bile sac (cholecystectomy surgery). Taking a biliary sac does not cause any trouble for the next life. Surgery can not be recommended for bile duct stones that have not been removed by chance and have been detected incidentally during surveys for other reasons. However, in the presence of diabetes and / or small and multiple gallstones, the physician may suggest surgery considering possible risks.

How is Bile Catheter Surgery done?
It's done in two ways.
1- In open surgical technique, patient's abdomen is opened and gallstones are removed.
2-Closed operation (laparoscopic technique) technique, 3 - 4 1'er cm holes are opened in the abdomen and the operation is performed with the instruments inserted from here. Treatment of bile duct stones with bile duct stones: Patients have jaundice or some biochemical assays have abnormalities. In this case, the stones in the bile duct are successfully removed with a light tool (endoscope) inserted before or after the operation (usually before surgery). The closed surgical technique can then be removed at the gall bladder

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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