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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Tube stomach surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) is known as stomach reduction surgery. Most of the scalp is removed longitudinally with surgical techniques and the stomach is minimized. It requires at least 8 hours of fasting before the operation and all examinations and examinations are done. The appropriate dose of blood thinner is given 1 day prior to surgery to prevent blood clotting. Laparoscopic tube stomach surgery is performed through small holes in the abdominal region. The connection of the scalp to the large intestine, pancreas, liver and spleen opens a tube shape at the end of the operation. In recent years at the root of many health problems in Turkey as a solution to obesity disease is a surgical method used often.

If it is not unusual and everything is OK, the hospital stay is about 3 days. During this time again blood thinners are used and the patient is given serum. This takes about 48 hours. During this time, the patient can not eat or drink at all. Leak test is done on the 3rd day and some water is given to the patient. If any problem is not encountered, the patient is given a certain amount of high-protein solutions which are easy to drink and taste good. If everything goes well, the patient's drain will be removed in 1 week and the appropriate medicines will be written and discharged home.

After being discharged, the patient should use the medicines prescribed by the physician and nurse them in the manner prescribed by the physician. The stomach is considerably smaller than before, and it can be seen that it can expand a little, but it can not reach the size before surgery. Because the stomach is rather small compared to the old one, the patient has to abandon the old eating habits. Miden needs to be protected from high pressure. The first month is very important for nutrition. The patient should drink slowly and nourish slowly. Exercises should include in-house walks and out-of-home walks accompanied by accompanying persons. With movement, weight loss will be accelerated proportionally and the patient will be able to get rid of the excess oil quickly.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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