What is Ileal Interposition?

What is Ileal Interposition?



The major aim is to reduce food intake and transfer foods to terminal part of small intestine as quickly as possible. A small part of stomach (20-30%) is removed to achieve this purpose and next, terminal part of small intestine is interchanged with the middle segment, outlet tract of the stomach is closed and the stomach is connected to the interposed terminal part of small intestine. Thus, food is transferred to the efficient segment through bypass of the small intestinal segment and therefore, vitamin absorption disorder is not expected. It is the most efficient metabolic surgery procedure that can be also considered for patients, who do not have obvious body weight problem. It should also be preferred in patients with relatively limited insulin reserve.

Pre- and Post-operative Process

Following laboratory and radiology testing as well as endoscopic examination, a detailed evaluation will be made by physicians of relevant departments. After functional capacity of pancreas and insulin reserve are determined, appropriate surgical procedure will be decided. You will be hospitalized on the day of surgery. Total hospital stay is 4 days. Your surgeon and dietitian will inform you about necessary details at discharge phase and you will be supported and followed up even after you are discharged.

Cost of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Procedures

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Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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