Hand and arm pain

We are trapped neuropathies in that the nerves that receive the forearm and hand senses and transmit to the muscles of this place are trapped in certain narrow passages. There are painful discordance in certain areas, and sometimes muscular disturbances. If a good examination is performed, it is always advisable to be diagnosed.
Only in case of doubt we need electrical inspection and measurement as we say ENMG. Forecourt and the three places we see most often on hand.
Pain and numbness in the forearm and hand are most commonly encountered in the forearm and interiors of the elbow (ulnar nerve kubital tunnel syndrome), where the pain and numbness of the hands are delayed, and the nerve is trapped in the back where the nerve is trapped it is shifted to the empty space.
Another ulnar nerve pincushion is a nerve impingement in the ankle (ulnar nerve guyon tunnel), which is predominantly in the internal compartment of the hand, where the hardened bridge band compressing the sinus with microdisection is cut
In fact, the most common situation is numbness and burning in the thumb and especially in the sign and middle fingers. Rarely is the carpal tunnel syndrome, which is seen on the palm of your hand in the palm of your hand.
Here, the pain and numbness that arise when working overtime during the day are revealed at night and the patients try to relax by shaking their hands. Here too, the compressing bridge band is found by microdisection and cut.
In traumatic neuropathies, the more definite the diagnosis is, the faster the post-operative numbness and pain passes, but the muscle strengths are slightly improved and long-term physical therapy is needed.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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