Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain

Nowadays, we encounter numbness in the hands with shoulder arms and shoulders on the shoulders, arms and hands in a branch between the two branches in the back, especially on the neck neck and headache. These. With this region, it can be said that the most common situations are mainly.
1- Voltage type headache. Cervicogenic headache and severe hypertension
2- Her neck hernias. Calcifications and. The pain that develops as a result of changing the position of the spine is the most probable problem.
3- Pain from the muscles (myofascial pain syndrome, traumatic neck, fibromyalgia, and viral myalgia).
4- Pain caused by joints and ligaments (polymyalgia rheumatism, aching joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, lumbar swelling, rheumatoid arthritis).
5- The nerves extending from the neck to the arm. The veins are squeezed between the neck and the seat, and the endings of the arms and hands are numbness. Melas in the hands (cervical rib, anteriorly scalloped)
6- Very rarely, the tumors of this region are inflamed. Pulmonary tumors, shoulder joint diseases.)
There are pain and numbness in the neck hernias that strike the neck and shoulder paddle over the arm. It usually happens unilaterally. If the power loss in fresh neck hernias is not very obvious. Drug.Facing is enough. Immediate withdrawal is unnecessary many times .. Apparent loss of strength in the elbow neck changes in the neck of the neck and the neck of the neck and the spread of pain and numbness of the emerus is immediately drawn to the situation is likely to require surgery. Rarely is bilateral hernia. It can be seen in situations that lead to urinary incontinence which disturbs walking in very rare cases. Only hernia removal (simple microdiscectomy) can be performed in the hernia of the neck, and if there is a possibility of collapse in the site of hernia, there is a bone full of bone inside. Yada artificial disk is put in order to preserve its dignified position and mobility.
In neck calcifications, neck movements can be restricted and painful. Many times here on the walk can be blasted to the walking state as if the broken sword is swallowed. When the neck is bent forward, the electrified state that spreads to the legs is felt.
Here, if the marked spinal cord compression is tightened, the surgeries are performed by approaching from the front to the back. Here the rear spine is widened or opened from the back. This is done in the form of a light punching-lifting on full opening. In the frontal approach, the horns in the form of calcification on the vertebral edges are cleared and the front part of a few vertebrae on the vertebrae are removed. According to the place, the bone-filled cages are screwed with bone logs and metal plaques.
We refer to trap neuropathies in which the nerves that transmit the sensory field of the forearm and hand and the muscles of the place are trapped in certain narrow passages. There are painful discordance in certain areas, and sometimes muscular disturbances. If a good examination is performed, it is always advisable to be diagnosed. In case of doubt, we need electrical inspection and measurement, which we call emg. The front söl and the three places we see most often on hand.
Pain and numbness in the forearm and hand are most commonly encountered in the forearm and interiors of the elbow (ulnar nerve kubital tunel syndrome), which is often encountered in the delayed cases where pain and numbness are present in the intervertebral fissures, where the nerve is often trapped. it is shifted to the empty space. Another ulnar nerve pincushion is a nerve compression in the wrist (tunnel of the ulnar nerve guyon), which is predominantly in the internal part of the hand, where the hardened bridge band compresses the sinus by microdissection. In fact, the most common situation is numbness and burning on the thumb and especially the middle and middle fingers. Rarely is the carpal tunnel syndrome, which is seen on the palm of your hand in the palm of your hand. Here, the pain and numbness that arise when working overtime during the day are revealed at night and the patients try to relax by shaking their hands. Here too, the compressing bridge band is found by microdisection and cut.
In traumatic neuropathies, the more definite the diagnosis is, the faster the post-operative numbness and pain passes, but the muscle strengths are slightly improved and long-term physical therapy is needed.

Last update: 17 Jan 2024

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